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The Carrell Group


A Word From The Builder... The Carrell Group has been building and designing Custom Homes, Renovations and Commercial projects in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas since 1987. Since Carrell Group’s founding in 1987, the company has built over 800 homes along the Carolina coast and beyond. In fact, two of these homes, the “Bristol” and “Hanover” models, were specifically designed for and built in the Waterbridge community. Those two model homes are open seven days a week to the public for walkthroughs. To view these homes or set up an appointment with Carrell Group, email them at, or call their office at (800) 533-2393. You can also review their company information at, and become a Facebook fan of their Fanpage under “Carrell Homes and Carrell Commercial Construction.”


Carrell Group is a full service, Design~Build Homebuilder, meaning they can design a home for you from scratch, or show you previously designed floorplans to meet your needs. After nearly 30 years in business, Carrell has designed thousands of floorplans immediately accessible to accommodate various client requests. Carrell Group builds homes at every price point, from below $275,000 to over $10 Million. Fortunately for their clients, the same team of craftsmen work on every one of those homes. From least expensive to most expensive, Carrell Group’s homes are built with the highest level craftsmen in our area.


Founded by Bruce A. Carrell, a third generation builder with an educational background from Indiana University in Business Administration and upbringing in home design and construction, the company has been built around commitment to customer satisfaction and business integrity. In 1999, Sonya Carrell (Bruce’s wife) joined the team as Vice President. Sonya later ventured off to form a sister company of Carrell Group by founding the interior design company, Grand Designs ( Today, Bruce and Sonya both oversee their individual companies, Carrell Group and Grand Designs, to ensure the ultimate “turnkey” package for their custom clients: Carrell Group designs the building with 3-D design/build capability (DESIGN IS FREE to building clients!), constructs the structure, and then Grand Designs perfects the creations with the interior design finishing touches. Carrell Group clients receive FREE interior design consultations, and the value of their design acumen is clearly evident in their existing Waterbridge model home, the “Bristol.” Carrell Group's “start to finish” product, coupled with its longevity in the industry, are rivaled by very few companies in the Carolinas. It is truly a design/building company with a long respected tradition. Further, Carrell specializes in hurricane reinforced, “Fortified for Safer Living” building and is recognized by the national governing body ( as an industry leader in this type of construction.


Carrell Group’s “Commitment to Excellence” is the basis of our past success, and the foundation of our future. As we enter 2014 and our 27th year in business, we aim to be the premiere design/build homebuilder along the Carolina Coast. However, first and foremost, our goal is to make today’s clients happy, informed and comfortable, living or working in their Carrell Group structure. “Our Reputation is Building!!!”


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